Home Cleaning

No matter where we go, a clean environment is always a comforting atmosphere to be in. At A & M's Maid & Janitorial Services, our maid offers only the best sweep and scrub to residents and business owners of Katy, TX.

We are more than happy to help take some of these cleaning tasks off your hands.The cleaning will be taken care from top to bottom, dusting airband, ceiling fans, down to the baseboards. All rooms get organized, and we even make the bed or change the sheets if needed. The bathrooms get sanitize and scrub and same approach in kitchen. The maids are professionally trained and the products used are worry-free. KEEP IN MIND 100% PET FRIENDLY!!!!!

Our building maintenance company is known for reliability and efficiency. A & M's Maid & Janitorial Services has made a name for itself by offering affordable prices for professional house cleaning in Katy, TX. Plenty of residents have already requested our efficient home cleaning service, and you can too! Get in touch with A & M's Maid & Janitorial Services today to know more about our top notch services.